Written by HYC.

Thank you for your interest in Halloween Yacht Club.

Membership in The Halloween Yacht Club is open to all.  The club welcomes new member applications from all who have an interest in boating, water-based activities and who appreciate living near Long Island Sound.

Berthing is available for residents of Stamford, Connecticut, with power or sail craft not exceeding 35 feet in length.  In addition, rack space for canoes and kayaks is available to members who are Stamford residents.

The club has a long tradition as a self-help organization.  Members who enjoy the privileges of the club contribute a nominal amount of time on a voluntary basis to help the club function.   All berth holders are obligated to perform a number of work hours each year as established by the Board of Governors.

Prospective members are encouraged to speak with members of the Bridge and Board of Governors to learn about the club and as the point of contact for applying for membership.  Feel free to contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or members of the Bridge and Board of Governors for additional information.

Candidates for admission must complete the Application for Membership  form which must be signed by two active members:  one as the proposer and one as the seconder.  The completed Application for Membership must be submitted with payment of the initiation fee and annual dues.

Members of the Halloween Yacht Club value diversity.  No prospective member will be exlcuded from mebership by reason of age (above the minimum age of 18), Race, Gender, Religion or National Origin.