Steve Blazey Tribute

Written by HYC.

Stephen D. Blazey, Jr.
March 14 1952 - December 25, 2013

We mourn the recent passing of Commodore Steve Blazey (61), a committed and active member of our Club since 1987. Steve fought and won many hard battles as a strong and dedicated Governor, Rear Commodore, and Vice Commodore. To the end, he earned the respect and admiration of all.

"The Lord is my Pilot, I shall not drift. He navigates for me across the dark waters. He steers me in deep channels. He stands watch over me and my vessel to ensure my safety. He keeps my log. He guides me by the star of holiness for His name's sake. Yea, though I cruise o’er turbulent waters and tempests of life, I shall dread no danger, for He is near me. His love and care shelter me. He prepares a harbor before me in the homeland of eternity. He anoints the waves with oil, my vessel rides calmly. Surely sunlight and starlight shall favor me on my voyages and I will rest in the Port of our Lord forever.”

A memorial reception for Steve Blazey was hosted by Halloween Yacht Club and the Blazey family on Saturday, January 4. Club members, family and friends expressed their condolences and shared memories and “sea stories,” of their personal experiences with Steve. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time in the Club’s history that a sitting Commodore, having just been elected to serve a second term, passed away. The Blazey family expressed their sincere gratitude to the Club, as we did to them. 

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